How to talk hairstylist

A visit to a new salon is sometimes a scary prospect, You may have been recommended by a good friend who’s hair you have admired or (envied) for a while but were not ready to jump ship from your current salon as its ‘better the devil ( or stylist) you know ‘

So you’ve made the decision the appointment is booked and you are ready for a change!

Talk talk talk

Like most salons, we are happy to offer a free consultation to new clients and it’s a great way to start a relationship with the salon and the stylist.

Taking 15 mins to go over your thoughts and ideas is great for you and most importantly for us to establish and manage your expectation and any concerns you may have.

Picture perfect

Here is a tricky one ! the all important pictures of celebrity hairdos, It’s great to bring pics along to show us of things you like but it’s also useful to show the styles you don’t like, why ?? well we may have ideas we think will work too so a clear ideas of dos and don’t’s  is great !

Remember too that even a picture of a certain element of the cut or style you like, ie the texture or wave etc can also help

“There are no ugly women, only lazy ones “

Helena Rubinstein

Ok, so that’s a little harsh sorry, But we do have to admit that good hair does require a little effort on your part.  Don’t fear however we are happy to teach you our tricks of the trade, After all, you are a walking talking advertisement for our salon so we want you to look and feel good when you leave us and when you get home.

Wash & Wax

We have all been there, at the desk when the stylist suddenly produces a basket full of home care products you simply must have !!

Let’s be honest salons do make money on retail but most good stylists will not hard sell, we do not offer commission on sales they are paid for their time and dedication so will really only sell you something you would benefit from or have asked for.

The truth is we do have access to the best products and although you may pay a little more if you add up the value of the items hiding in bathroom cabinets bought on impulse and not used they do offer better value and will ultimately help you achieve the look you want.

If unsure ask us to recommend the one thing that will really help and try It if it works then we are happy to help you build your perfect styling kit


We love new clients and the way a new cut or colour can make a client stand taller so enjoy it with us and together we can create a perfect look just for you.