You have the date, you have the dress, you have the venue and most importantly you have the groom ! Now it’s time to put it all together.

Your wedding day is one of the most exciting days of your life and getting the look and feel right can be stressful, you will be bombarded with ideas from wedding magazines, friends and weddings  you may have attended.

Getting the wedding hair look you want is vital as every bride wants to look and feel beautiful and that’s were we as hairstylists come in.

Here are my top tips for your perfect bridal look:

Book ahead

As many wedding take place on a Saturday ( most salons busiest day ) it is important to book in advance, we have brides who  sometimes call a year ahead but 6 months is a good rule of thumb. This will allow plenty of time for a trial or two to see how the looks you like work and allow the salon to ensure the staff availability.

Be prepared

When you book for a trial we advise bringing images of styles you like and dislike to your appointment.  We can then discuss what will and will not work for your hair type and the type of wedding you have planned.  Styles that are up and structured will take more of a dance floor pounding than a soft ethereal look.

Too many cooks

We are happy for friends and family to come along for a trial but remember everyone will have their own ideas but we just want ‘yours’ it’s great to get feedback on looks we try but it can be overwhelming with too many voices and opinions.

Bring stuff

Do you have a veil? tiara? flowers? .. You may not know what will work with your ideas, if so bring things with you and let us try them.  We may also be able to suggest something you had not considered and this is the time to play around and discover.


We want you to walk down the aisle feeling amazing and will work with you to create the perfect look. We are trying to please you so don’t stress about offending us if you don’t like something, ‘tell us’ and we can try something else.

The big day

On the day we will allow adequate time for you and any guests you have with you; make sure you have everything you need and appoint a mum or bridesmaid we can entrust with carrying a few extra hair pins ( I always show them how to unpin a veil or pin up a stray strand) and the rest is simple…. Enjoy.